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Kalimas History Tour

Explore Kalimas is all about exploring the civilization of Surabaya. Kalimas is the oldest and largest river that splits the city of Surabaya.

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It was called Kali Surabaya ( Soerabaia Rivier in Dutch ) then later changed into Kalimas (Maas Rivier in Dutch). After this change, the river flows was also changed by the Dutch in 1743 from typical river meandering flow to straight up flow to the sea. 

Not just enjoy the historic locations. Exploring the river in the morning, we can meet a variety of livelihood activities. Such as worms finder, fish crawler, barehand fish catcher, WC drain services that grown since the Netherlands requires city dwellers to have septictank in each house. Seeing Surabaya from Kalimas by kayak boat will give you a different experience. Let’s take the 10km route from Monkasel to the Pethekan / Ferwerda Brug Bridge within + – 2 hours.

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