Kenali Kotamu, Cintai Negerimu.

Welcome to Surabaya, City of Hero!
We are a community that concern on preserving local history by lifting up the spirit of heroism.

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What we are about ?

Roode Brug Soerabaia Community is purely Non-Profit Community, regulated by Indonesia civil code.

We concern on preserving local history of Surabaya, especially Revolution era from 1945 to 1949.

By uplifting our spirit (Spirit of Heroism), we will love our city even more our country as stated in our tag line.

Kenali Kotamu, Cintai Negerimu

Did you know?

Year by year, the spirit of Surabaya as a hero city is fading away.

History site after site begins to disappear. Come from this reason,

This community is formed. Thus, the history identity of this city can be survived.

So that historical information can be passed down from generation to generation.

History Education

We create historical trip every month, visiting important places during the Battle of Surabaya 1945, sometimes accompanied by eyewitnesses or even veterans.

History Research

We do some researches with the goals to publish a book. Our first research was about hidden Surabaya fortification during WW II and currently, we are researching about Japanese Tunnels in Indonesia, starting from East Java.

Historical Reenactment

We do reenactment twice in a month at Tugu Pahlawan Surabaya. The biggest international reenactment event to commemorate The Battle of Surabaya is held in November every year.

What we do?

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